[resolved] Waiting for events

New Photon just out of the box.
Whent smoothly trough the particle setup on my iPad.
Device is registred under my account and I can flash SW to it with success, but it will no publish anything.

Running simple code like this one…

void setup() {
void loop() {
   Particle.publish("Hello dude!","123");

And I get no data the particle log window.
I have a Electron and it works fine.

Can you make sure the code is actually flashed to the device by adding some blinking LED code to it? You can use the on-board LED for a quick test. Alternatively, Serial output is always nice.

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Also when you flash the Photon, does it blink magenta for a few seconds and do the logs indicate that the device was re-flashed and came back online?

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OK, seems that it has started to work as it should. Starts to publish data directly after I flash it now. Have not seen this type of behaviour before. Since I cant reproduce this error then we can close this problem.