[RESOLVED - in parts] Photon - Shield Shield - ds18 issue Pin mapping issue?

I had a arduino Mega2560 collecting ds18 and dht22 data. I recently(Nov16) purchased a couple protons and the ShieldShield device with it in mind to fairly directly pull the Mega and shield stack out, and “slip” in the proton/shield shield. Even with knowlege of the pin mapping, I’m confused. I have re-written my (arduino) code to work within the Proton, using protoboard mounting of ds18s and dht22 components, jumper wiring to the proton pins. My bench setup worked fine. (I did not have a 2nd dht connected)

my arduino code set: … my proton code …field wire on Shieldpin:
dallas on D4 … … pin D6 … D4… parasite mode (edit)
DHTone on D2 …pin D2 … D11
DHTtwo on D3 …pin D3 … D12

The forum generally references the Shield Shield device with a Core device rather than a Proton device.
Is, in fact, the shield able to operate these Proton functions

Is the Proton not capable of supporting two channels (two different input pins, two different sessions) of DHT22 via adafruit_dht libraries?

The forum indicates that an early Shield Shield had Dallas ds18 issues. I assume that mine is an updated version. Has a ‘new’ version been issues, will it fix the ds18 issue, how can I tell if mine is the newest version.

Thank you for your assistance.
(My NewYears Resolution includes having more patience!)

Further testing on my bench…

part of my problem is that my field was wired for parasite mode on the DS18b20 circuits. My Photon code needed to include
in the dallas code portion of the void Setup() section before my bench test setup would respond to parasite configured hardware.

Also, I dug up another DHT22 for my bench testing, and the bench config (all 3.3 power) now reads all ds18s and all dht22s.

now to move this to the field installation…

edit 1/8/17 field trial found that ds18s still fail with ShieldShield. That one DHT still fails, but may be a bad dht device.

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I had hoped to use the Shield Shield to act as a buffer as well as to simplify the arduino interface to my field wiring.
The problems experienced with the Shield Shield forced me to scrutinize both my code and my field wiring. I found problems in both, and have fixed them.

I am now online and operating with just the Proton. The Shield Shield has been removed.

I think the Shield Shield is a good idea with poor implementation. Too bad

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