Mapping pins from Arduino to Shield Shield with Photon

I try to understand the pin mapping of the Shield Shield.

My corresponding arduino sketch is operating on D5 (~), D8 and D9(~).

On the Shield Shield I tried different combinations, but my ported library can not read any values. So in first place I like to verify my pin mapping. I use a photon and electron for testing.

I tried the following mapping on the Shield Shield:

D5 (~), D7 and D9(~)

and in my Particle sketch I try to read the values in this myDMS.attach( D7 , D0 , A4 ); and in this way myDMS.attach( D5 , D7 , D9 );

What is the correct way?

Have you got a Shield Shield at hand?
On the top side of the board you see silk screen telling the Arduino style pin numbers and underneath the Particle pin names.

So Arduino ~5 (aka D5 (~)) maps to Particle D0, Arduino ~8 (aka D8) to Particle A5 and Arduino ~9 (aka D9 (~)) to Particle A4.

But that’s just what the pin mapping shows too, so I’m a bit puzzled how you were led to try the other pin combinations :confused:

If you got confused by the tilde (~) next to the Arduino pin numbers, these should just indicate that the corresponding Photon/Electron pins are PWM capable. So the extra ~ next to 8 should not bother you - if your sketch doesn’t use PWM on that pin it won’t get in your way.

Thanks @ScruffR! I also tried this combination, but I was not sure to use D8 from the Shield Shield because it is a PWM-Pin (~).

Now I tried it again with myDMS.attach( A5 , D0 , A4 ); on Pin 5, 8 and 9, but I still get no correct values. Looks like I need to debug my ported ADS 1231 library. :confused:

@ScruffR It was a bug in my port of the arduino library. Now it seems to work (still ongoing test process): Library for ADS 1231 (bee hive weigh scale)

Thanks for your help!

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