[Resolved] Are Particle Photons going away any time soon?

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I recently heard from a Particle customer that Particle support line was pushing him really hard on not using Photons in upcoming products he might build.

The alternative given was Borons (not even Argons).

I understand this push, but I’d like to find out if there is anything you guys are planning that you would like to tell the community about.

FYI @will I appreciate it if you can chip in on this.
I also appreciate any other knowledge on the subject from anyone else.

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One reason why P0, P1 and Photon are not recommended for new products is that the heart of them all - the WM-N-BM-09 “STM32F2x-WiFi-combi-module” - is manufactured by USI and Particle has no say in how long they will produce this device (i.e. recently there were shortages of them).

The nRF line on the other hand is a less specific item (i.e. standalone controller) and will most likely outlive the P0.

You can also read Will’s reply to another thread that touches on that too

But there are currently no plans to abandon the Gen2 product line.

thanks, I haven’t seen that post.
So it could be that the Photon is marked as “Not recommended for new designs (NRND)” according to this policy?

I haven’t seen that around, thank you again for the pointers,

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So is there a reason they are recommending the Boron over the Argon, aside from the increased revenue?

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The Argons seems not fully cooked for products yet, or the tooling is not there and one would need to find things out on their own.

For instance:

Claiming an Argon and wifi settings seem problematic with Argons and may complicate our life in a product.

I’m hopeful they can be used in a product, but it seems there will be some bumps in the road ahead.

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To echo this, I recently had an extreme difficult time setting up an Argon. Newest version of the app refused to connect to it, would hang forever on Bluetooth pair. Only by random screwing around in CLI for an hour did it finally get registered and even then I don’t know how.

It blows my mind that “particle setup” in CLI utterly does not work for Boron/Argon.

The more experience I have, the more I believe that 3/4 years ago with only Gen 2 products, Particle used to have a more stable and valuable product than what I am trying to get work now with Gen3.


I also am having this experience trying to setup Argons via the Android & iOS app using the app as of a few days ago.

The BLE during pairing with the Particle App would just hang.

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I did notice this UK stockist is listing the Photon as discontinued. They may mean they are not going to be stocking it any more:

Some distributors have stopped stocking the Photon, but it has not been discontinued by Particle.

Some Photon kits and the individual Photon without headers have been or will be discontinued, but the bare Photon with Headers is still being sold in both individual and tray quantities.

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that’s correct, I wish they wouldn’t list it as DISCONTINUED on their site. Perhaps “out of stock” could be more appropriate (or less alarming).


Hey folks. As Rick mentioned, we have no plans to discontinue or deprecate the Photon, P0, or P1 hardware.

We originally marked the SKU as NRND due to concern over the longevity of upstream hardware availability from the module manufacturer, but have since received commitments from them that reflect little to no risk of disruption.

I will provide update this thread if/when we officially change our guidance, but want to clarify that we do not have any plans to discontinue the Photon.


I too was worried that the Particle Photon would not be supported anymore - Glad it is still in the pipeline, as I continue to want to use them for my projects.

Good information!


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