Photon (Long Term Support)

Will the Photon be phased out in favour for the Argon/Xenon Particle Mesh solution? I ask, as we have designed a university level course on IoT that takes direct advantage of the Particle Photon board capabilities i.e WPA 2 Enterprise Authentication (I cannot do this with Argon).

I cannot seem to find any information about the LTS for the Particle Photon and future hardware availibility?


There is currently no plan to retire the Photon in the near future. There is no plan to stop manufacturing it at this time.


There was a topic on this a while ago:

+1 to the responses above. We have no near term plans to discontinue the Photon. If/when we ever decide to do so, we will provide a clear announcement with ample time to migrate from the platform.

Again, we have no near term plans to do so.

however, as relates to redbear duo [i think] there was an announcement on 11/18/18 that last sale will be 3/29/19 which is less than 5 months notice that the product will cease to be available. although, support continues thru 3rd quarter 2019. so, less than 1 year support left. so for anyone needing to transition to other device, i guess one of the mesh products from duo did not get a whole lot of notification time. unless, of course i missed an earlier announcement.