Request Device Ownership Transfer Failure

I have a bunch of devices in a product that were originally claimed by a different employee before I took ownership over our hardware. I need to make some API calls to get device information for them. These calls fail despite them using my user token (and I am the admin/creator of the product).

First Question: Why can’t I get device details with my user token, even though I can see them in my product on the Particle Console?

Thus, it seems the solution is to transfer ownership to my account (the one I use for all our API related things, including initial registration of new devices via API. Started doing that, and then got the error:

Attempting to transfer device: <DEVICE_ID>
Received 403 from particle api call
Response: {'ok': False, 'errors': ["You can't request more than two devices a week"]}

Am I missing something? If I was to delegate API related work to someone else eventually, or left my company, is the expectation that we just transfer two devices a week until all hundreds/thousands are transferred?

Second Question: What is the expectation for claiming / managing devices in an enterprise environment? If I can’t access details as above, how am I supposed to securely manage a large fleet across multiple employees / tokens?

Third Question: Why are there limitations on my ability to transfer device ownership where devices are already in a product I own?

After further testing, it looks like if I use the “products/:product_slug/devices” endpoint I can retrieve the info. This is still not ideal because I use a variety of products and I’ll have to just programmatically try all of them until one call succeeds, but at least it’s possible. I still have all the questions above, but I think I can hack together something that will work as a test/dev solution for the moment.