Repairing Photon Device Keys

I’ve been trying to repair my Device Keys according to procedure documented in the Support Knowledge Base, i.e. using Particle CLI.
So: I logged in, then identify the device as requested, then applying particle keys server, then applying particle keys doctor xxxxx (xxxxx being my device ID) and all that resulted in the end a message from the system “New Key Created!”
So I was optimistic.

However then there was also a message “Make sure your device is in DFU mode (blinking yellow), and that your computer is online.: I couldn’t find the file: xxxxx_rsa_new.der”.
What should I do with this?
It looks like the device is operating as it did before, but I doubt if the “old” keys have indeed been repaired as the reason I tried to repair them was the status LED blinking cyan sometimes, and that still is the case.

There isn’t anything wrong with that tho’
As long you don’t regularly see red/orange flashes during that period I’d not suspect the keys to be corrupted.

This could indicate that you exectuted the respective command inside a folder without write permission (e.g. C:\Windows\System).

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