Remove mesh network

how to remove a mesh network from particle console ?

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I have the same issue; not being able to delete a network. Any news/ideas on a solution?

thanks, SJB

No news as far as I'm aware.

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Thanks, I have found that by running the setup process again on each device connected to the old mesh that it removes them from the count (asked to leave old network) on the final one the old mesh also disappears.

It would be really nice to be able to remove mesh networks from the web console. I’m building up a long list because of R&D I’m doing and I often create new networks in the field testing and then want to remove them latter. Is there away we can manage our own networks?

Update! I realized that when you remove all devices from a network the network is automatically removed from your account. Only issues with this is that I now have to find all the devices I have floating around on old networks, not the end of the world just takes time. For useability in the future iyt would be nice to have a way to deactivate a mesh network from the web portal.