Remotely reset an Argon using Web-IDE?

Hi there :wave:
Is there a way to use the web-IDE to reset an Argon that has been remotely deployed? I could reflash the Argon, but would prefer to use a virtual reset button approach. Maybe it is not possible. The signal feature in the Devices panel makes me think it is possible, but no docs. Thanks.

One way to do this is to use a particle function that when called, calls System.reset(). Youโ€™d have to include this in your user application code though.

I personally use a Particle function to perform a deep power down per the AB1805 watchdog application note. Obviously for this to work, the device would have to be connected to the cloud. In most cases when connected to the cloud and working properly a reset probably isnโ€™t required. In my case, it was a peripheral that needed the reset.


Thanks much @jgskarda - I will give that approach a try.

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