Mesh/Thread Network to reset Evaluation boards in a lab remotely

I would like to create a mesh network Argon as the Hub to collect the data ( from cloud to change the status of GPIO on devices on the mesh network ). I want to toggle each button on the EVK board through a Solid state relay on the mesh network. I have a number of Evaluation boards and I want to tap into the reset pushbutton via a solid-state relay to hard rest them remotely through mesh network/cloud commands. One at a time I will have 5 to 10 Nordic MCU running nordic API and they will be connected to Argon. From the cloud user will press toggle button, the particular dependent mesh device discovered through Argon and appear on particle cloud. Nordic MCU receiving the command will simply change One of the GPIO statuses and the attached solid-state will close the switch momentarily. I have a Nordic nRF52840 DK development kit to get started as the first mesh node. Do you guys think this is doable with Argon? if not what’s the cheapest way to with opensource hardware-free cloud. I don’t want to buy a whole lot of argon $27 per each per one evaluation board to reset the board. My goal is to reset boards remotely with less budget through mesh networking.