Remote Server Controller/Manager

Does a library exist for controlling multiple sparkcores via TCP sockets? I want to build a real time application where a server controls each core constantly. Using the cloud to do this would not be as great since I’d just be abusing the api and my speed wouldn’t be as great.

If there is no clear solution, I’m going to build both a client and a server interface to make something like this easy.

I would stick with TCP since I have found that it is easily quick enough for my purposes, and UDP introduces unnecessary unreliability and complexity (as a result of the unreliability).

I haven’t personally looked into it much, but VoodooSpark looks pretty close to what you might want. There’s also Cylon.js, but it seems to be more geared towards robotics.

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I think Cylon may actually be more similar to what I was describing, excellent resources, I will have to really dig into these to make a decision. Thank you!

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