How to make to cores talk to each other via spark API

i would like to press a button on one core. To light up a LED on another core. is this possible via the SPARK API since the TCP server is broken atm.


Hello @rasmussen
You can defintely cook up a simple node app that listens to one Core and based on it, sends commands to the other.

I’m not experienced in writting node apps, but maybe someone can give pointers here? @Dave @zachary @jgoggins

Yup, use TCPClient on the button Core to talk to any simple server app (node or any other language that can listen to TCP) running anywhere it can reach (your laptop, heroku, amazon EC2). Then have that server make the API call to the Core with the LED.

You could adapt the example servers (node or ruby) provided with our local communication annotated example:

One option is to use the MQTT library I posted last week. Simple to set up a broker on a machine or use a public one to them send pub/sub messages between cores.

Link here.

I am working on a simple but complete node,js server that allows multiple cores to crosstalk to each other. It will act as a very simple broker just to play with… but the core of the code is sound and can grow up nicely if needed.

I’ll probably get it done by end of week.



What’s the status of this server?