How to connect two spark core together to make a server client enviroment

Hey Guys
I’m new in the field, so I want your help please to start my project of connecting more than two spark core together as server-client environment. I have a serial data from an external PIC18 microcontroller, so I need to take the data from the PIC18 and send it wirelessly through the spark core to another spark that has also the input from another PIC18 microcontroller. Is it easy to do that? In other word, I have two systems and each system consists of PIC18 microcontroller+Spark core, which are connected via USART or I2C. I want to get data from the Pic18 Microcontroller, and forward these data by using the Spark core(which act as server) to another system by receiving it on the second Spark (which act as server).
Thanks for you all.

Depending on how fast you need things to go, the publish and subscribe system might be a good fit:


To add to @Moors7’s suggestion - which is one of the easiest ways to get there - you can also look into the UDP and TCPServer / TCPClient classes of the Particle firmware toolset
Especially if speed plays a role and/or your devices are on the same network this might be suitable.

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