Connecting spark core to an arduino mini

Hello everyone!
In a project I am doing, I am trying to send data from a sensor to an Arduino mini and from there to the spark core, up to the cloud, 1st of all, is it even possible?
in case it is, before I start doing it, I tried to do a simple thing, write some code on the Arduino mini
on the arduino site they tell to connect the arduino mini to a usb adapter, but I dont have any right now, so I tought to try and use the spark core! here are the arduino mini guide on how to connect:
I connect:
spark core \arduino mini
Vin - +5V
*V3.3 - RST
But for some reason, when I try to upload a sktech, it just gets stucks on the “Uploading” part forever

tl;dr: how to connect spark core to arduino mini


I’d not connect *V3.3 and RST. The RST line on the Arduino should have its own pull-up.
Otherwise the wiring is OKish. I’d rather use Serial2 (D0/D1) on the Core as these are 5V tolerant while RX/TX are not guaranteed to be.

But just out of curiosity, why do you need the Arduino at all, why not just use the Core?


I have 2 sensors that are I2C based, and I am interested in getting both of their data at the same time all the time.
From what I understand, in order to communicate in I2C with the core, I only have D0 and D1, so I can connect only 1 sensor or use a bus, I dont really know what a bus but from what I read online it looks like it will not give me the ability to read both of the sensors and still have high sampling rate (the sensors have 100hz and I would like to keep it)
So I thought to use the mini in order to have the 2 sensors connected and sampled at the same time, do the calculations I want, and send the data to the core, and from there up to the cloud.
Is there a better way, using only the core, to sample both sensors at the same time?

By the way, I just want to say I am very thankful for your help!

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