Two talking Spark cores [SOLVED]

Hello Internet ;),

yesterday I received my cores (two of them) and I would love to make them talk to each other. So far, I managed it to turn on and off several LED’s using a curl API function call performed by a terminal.

curl -d access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN

And now my question comes in, is it possible to call a function of Core_1 from Core_2 using the API and cloud?

Then my deepest dreams would come true, because then I could build a “sensor station” (Core_1) which makes its data visible on a second “receiving station” several kilometers away using the cloud.


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Spark.subscribe() is what you need!

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Oh of course, i’ve just read over it without paying to much attention to the “publish/subscribe”-section (my false) :slight_smile: Thank you very much

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