Remote Reset of a Photon through IFTTT

I want under some conditions (I2C failure) to Reset a Photon via IFTTT…

Right now when I want to reset the Photon, as long it is still alive, I just found the way to reload the firmware in it… :smile:

Can I manage to publish an event through IFTTT to a specific Photon to Reset it :smile:

Thanks for your feedback

I’m a bit confused as to what the actual purpose of this would be?
In order for IFTTT to ‘detect’ an I2C failure, it has to somehow receive that information from the device. Polling with variables isn’t really practical, so that leaves you with a SSE.
So I2C failes, the device somehow detects that, then has to send a SSE to IFTTT, which will consequently trigger a function, which contains System.reset();.
It could be just me, but that doesn’t really sound practical. It’s kinda like trying to call yourself to tell yourself something important… :sweat_smile:
Instead of having to tell IFTTT to call a function to reset itself, why not just trigger that same function?

So instead of doing something like this:

if (I2C_failes){
  SSE("I2C failed");
//IFTTT gets the SSE and then triggers the following function:
function IFTTTResetTrigger(){

You’d do something like this:

if (I2C_failes){

Essentially cutting out the -very impractical, and unnecessary- middleman.


Good one :smile:

You are totally right!!! Sometimes focusing solution one side, then focusing solution the other side and them putting them together makes you forget that it can be a shortcut…

Anyway, calling myself to tell myself something can be implemented by sending SSE and listening SSE in the same program, kinda generating and handling exception messages (out of the loop…), but again, totally right, let’s avoid the middleman for operation, let’s just keep it for notifying the fact which happened

Sure, you can use SSE to notify you that something has happened, but please don’t have the device trigger an external action in order to trigger an internal one.
That is, don’t send out a SSE, and reset using the subscription. Rather, send a SSE to notify you, then reset it internally, without going ‘outside’.

Thank you for that advice, you are definitely right !!!