Remote car starter with IOT

Hi, I installed remote car starter ( Evo one all ) on my Toyota corolla and would like to install cellular based IOT board to start car from remote location.
I see there is project but looks like its for old boards GitHub - jmaxxz/OpenRemoteStart: An open source remote implementation for the Fortin EVO-One remote starter

Does anyone know easiest way to make this project?

mostly i use ESP32 based boards with Lte sim such as TTGO-T-SIM7000G-ESP32

Thank You

Hi and welcome to the community!
I see the EVO device has this:

  • 2 x 2-way datalink port for data-to-data (RS-232) communication with compatible external devices such as smartphones & GPS telematic units. [2]

so that could be one way in.

Another way could be using one of the remotes, and “pressing the button” in it with the Particle device.
Kind of what’s done in this project.

Best of luck!

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Thank you for your response. do you know if Photon wifi codes will work on Boron LTE CAT-M1 module?
I am trying to make something that could start car remotely with cellular service.

Not sure if following codes will work on Boron LTE board since project was made for wifi based photon board,

Generally, most code works the same for Particle devices, wifi or cellular.
I am not familiar with that code in this particular case so I can’t say for sure.

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Hey there!

Just wanted to say that I am actually working on this same idea with a Boron 404X. I am unfamiliar with the device that you are familiar with and/or using (the TTGO-T), but I am building off of that OpenRemoteStart repository you posted.

It appears that all that needs to be configured for using a different device with this codebase is to define the correct serial so that the device is able to communicate with the remote start, and then hook it up to the remote start correctly. Granted, this repo is intended for the Particle Coud and the Particle API. You would have to make non-trivial adjustments to get this working with a non-Particle device.

As described in the repo, you will need additional hardware to make the communication work between the Evo One All without frying a Boron or similar 3.3v logic device (buck converter, voltage regulator, logic level bi-directional converter, and a couple diodes). I just got my Boron working this morning and plan to make a pull request to this repo once (and if) I have this project churning away on it.

Also, how to tells board that’s it’s boron cellular device instead WiFi?

It’s written on the device :wink:
When it’s called a Boron then it’s a cellular device.

The Particle WiFi devices are called P0/P1/P2/Photon/Phonton2

Ok, I purchased everything along with BRN404X board and pinout on original picture for photon or electron are different than BRN404X. Could someone please let me know what would be pins on BRN404X?
Thank You

I did this with a friends truck. We had an extra remote that we wired the boron to. The hard part of me was making the timing of the button presses. Took a little trial and error to perfect it.


I have sent you private messages as well could you please share wiring diagram for Logic Level Shifter Converter? I just need to start, lock unlock car no GPS tracker.

Thank you