Relocation Toolchain Directory


Trying to use workbench and it seems it assumes that the particle toolchain is installed at C:\Users\My user.particle\toolchains.

My particular user has a space in it which causes problems for the tool. What I typically do is keep a hard linked directory C:\Users\nospaces and most of the time this works out great.

My question: How can I tell Workbench to look in a different location for the toolchain?


In playing around with the compiler shell this seems achievable – it looks like environment variables drive the whole thing. Under the hood it looks like Cygwin… Any idea how to tinker with it?


That’s one for @m_m


@jls we don’t have a way to override the default toolchain directory path atm but that’s a good feature request :+1:


@m_m @ScruffR

Making some progress – I found the Cygwin.bat file in buildtools/…/etc/defaults/Cygwin.bat.

I modified it like the following:

@echo off
setlocal enableextensions
set HOME=C:\Users\jls
set TERM=
cd /d "%~dp0bin" && .\bash --login -i

However, it doesn’t appear to get picked up by the particle tools. From a CMD prompt, I can run:

set HOME=C:\Users\jls
bash --login -i

and the HOME variable does what it should… If you were going to write this up I’d suggest going through Cygwin.bat first is a easy way to do this.

That said, when you hit “Particle: Compiler Shell” what does it execute? If I can see that code I can probably get this working…