Redefinition of 'uint16_t makeWord(uint8_t, uint8_t') error

Hello, I am having some trouble compiling code that last time I used, worked perfectly. I am using particle Dev and compiling on the cloud. When I click on where the error is it takes me to a blank screen headed with ‘spark_wiring_arduino.h’

Any suggestions?

If makeWord() is part of your own code, you can remove it since it now comes with 0.6.1.
If it’s not, where does the redefinition come from?

To get around it, you can target 0.6.0 instead of 0.6.1

Its not in my own code it just appears to feature twice in this particular file that I cannot access.

The spark_wiring_arduino.h is part of the Particle framework, so these instances need to remain untouched.
But somewhere there must be another occurance which needs to go.

What libraries are you using?