[Resolved]- Problem with Piettetech_DHT Library not compiling?

I just went to recompile code that compiled and executed just fine 2 weeks ago. Now I get the following error message about the Piettetech_DHT library:

In file included from ./inc/application.h:92:0,
                 from lib/PietteTech_DHT/src/PietteTech_DHT.cpp:49:
lib/PietteTech_DHT/src/PietteTech_DHT.cpp: In function 'uint16_t makeWord(uint8_t, uint8_t)':
../wiring/inc/spark_wiring_arduino.h:53:19: error: redefinition of 'uint16_t makeWord(uint8_t, uint8_t)'
 #define word(...) makeWord(__VA_ARGS__)

lib/PietteTech_DHT/src/PietteTech_DHT.cpp:54:10: note: in expansion of macro 'word'
 uint16_t word(uint8_t high, uint8_t low) {
../wiring/inc/spark_wiring_arduino.h:47:17: error: 'uint16_t makeWord(uint8_t, uint8_t)' previously defined here
 inline uint16_t makeWord(uint8_t h, uint8_t l) {

make[1]: *** [../build/target/user/platform-6PietteTech_DHT/src/PietteTech_DHT.o] Error 1
make: *** [user] Error 2
*Error: Could not compile. Please review your code.

The Particle firmware version that I am compiling with is 0.6.1 which, I believe, is the same version that compiled successfully last week. The code that I am trying to compile can be viewed at:

However, this exact code compiled just fine 2 weeks ago.

I am compiling using the web IDE. I would appreciate someone looking into this.

Try removing the library (I guess it’s pre 0.0.5) and reimport the most recent version 0.0.5.

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@ScruffR: Thanks - it worked like a charm! The library version was 0.0.4; now it is up to date.


Thanks for the help @ScruffR!

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