Red Bear Nano V2 and Particle Debugger

Hi all,

I have currently a small project running where I want to build a Bluetooth thermometer with a temperature range of -40 – +150 °C in a bolt (M20) or as a strong magnet to measure gearbox temperatures of my oldtimer. I am considering a red bear nano v2 with a ds18b20 and have a particle debugger for programming the board. As I did not find any good tutorials on how to debug and program the red bear nano, I had to play around and flashed (as mentioned on red bears pages) the debugger with their interface firmware. Afterwards I found out that I “forgot” to check if I can flash the original particle debugger firmware back onto the debugger. I have been looking around.

Would anyone know where I can download the “original” particle debugger interface firmware hex file? I believe that the original firmware is better then the one I flashed.


Instructions for putting the factory Particle firmware back on the debugger are at the bottom of this page:

You’re aware that availability and support for the RedBear stuff are ending, correct? Details are on the RedBear home page.

thanks, worked. I have managed to flash the interface firmware back to the original. First thing when switching from mbed- to Arduino-style programming the nano: flash the interface firmware of the debugger to whatever Ardunio-IDE requires… But now I know how to get back.

Thanks again

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