Recommended flow for customers "claiming" Electron or Borons into a Particle Product


I read from here:
Most cellular product creators (Electron, E Series, and Boron) don’t claim the devices to customer accounts. Instead, they claim all of the devices to their own account and build the price of cellular connectivity into the cost of the device or their own monthly fee.

From the above I get that all devices will be claimed by one “master account”, but then how are customers associating one to their account later on?

What is the recommended flow for doing this, exactly?
Is there a doc that I cannot find? Any guidelines?

The most common situation is to manage customers entirely on your end - either in your web app or mobile app. Thus you would handle your own login system and user management.

How you associate a device with a user has many options, including using the device serial number or device ID, or your own custom identifier that you can map into a device ID in your back-end.

In the case where items are purchased directly, typically for low-volume products, you could map the device to user before sending it out.

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note to self: I found from another post this procedure to study, get familiar with and perhaps implement for your own cellular connected product:

Electron shadow customers:

Often Electron product creators claim all of their devices to a single account controlled by the product creator. This is simple and works well, however it is possible to use Electrons with shadow customers like is common with Photon/P1 products.

Source is here.