Recommendations for a database service that works with Webhooks

I’m currently working on a project that requires data from a sensor to be stored and analyzed over a long period of time. I plan on sending the information by a Webhook integration and would like to be able to categorize the data by date (ex. have all the sensor readings of the day categorized into one file/location and then analyze it). Does anyone have any recommendations for a database or software/service?

@Bouilon ,

I use Ubidots which is a serial data streaming service. Each datapoint is timestamped and there are powerful tools and integrations for analysis. If you are looking for a more do-it-yourself approach, I know firebase is a popular option.

Please let everyone know what you learn.



Hi @Bouilon -

Agree with @chipmc . @Ubidots is great, easy enough to get going and very well priced (if you break out of the STEM license) compared to other solutions. Blynk also comes to mind, they offer both Mobile and web versions, but as far as I can recall, they are more expensive than Ubidots.

Best of luck.

I’ll voice another word of support for ubidots. I’ve been using them for a couple of years for dozens of devices and they’re great. I spent a couple hours on a chat session with them today due to some issues. And whereas “issues” might cause concern, they are very responsive to any problems and are eager to provide effective support.

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Another option if you are a Goggle cloud user already, is something like firebase or firestore DB. Both are NoSql databases.

One example is here:

another one here:


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You mentioned “analyze” a few times. If you intend to perform any significant detailed analysis, then you should have a look at ThinkSpeak…since it’s connected to MatLab.
MatLab has numerous computational methods to solve science and engineering problems.

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Thank you all for the response. Ended up using Ubidots and sending via TCP. The implementation was fairly simple because of a lot of documentation and useful resources. I’d recommend people use Ubidots as well.


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