Firebase integration

It would be nice to have some sort of integration with Firebase. A webhooks are nice solution if you only send data from Photon to Firebase but if you want send some data from Firebase to Photon?

You can also use webhooks to retrieve data from a remote source to your device.
Have a look at the weather data sample for webhooks in the docs.

Is there any blog post or tutorial about using Firebase with webhook?

Docs specify how to get response from webhook to device.
Firebase has this nice feature if some data update in database it push a new version of data to all connected clients.
This could enable a new way of setting some parameters in a custom web app and they would be delivered to Photons instantly.

I’m not actively using Firebase but have you seen this

Maybe you could join forces.

To solve this problem, I ended up writing a proxy for Firebase, since their v3 API requires server generated tokens that can’t be passed or exchanged easily. It’s very alpha, but more testing will follow.