Received unhandled event 131072 with value 0

I setup the System.on(all_events, handle_all_the_events);
and this event # is not in the table at System.on(all_events, handle_all_the_events); nor do I see it in any of my searching of the forums or google / github.

I'm getting completely spammed with this event and am having some problems with my code so I'm trying to figure out what it could be!

131072 = 0x20000 = 1 << 17 = power_source

My guess is that you don't have a battery connected, so the device is constant checking to see if the battery has been plugged in. I would only register for the events that you want, not all of the events, to prevent this.

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I don't see this in the table here, would I need to look at some source code I'm missing somewhere?

I do have a battery connected though, so this is odd.

Also @rickkas7 your libraries are amazing thank you for being a hero to my little startup <3

Thanks! I never noticed that was missing. The full list is in the Device OS source code:

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