Reaper Botnet Vulnerability

Hi everyone,

I just read the following article and I was wondering if there was anything to be concerned about on the Particle platform?

Also makes for any interesting read.


Routers and webcams run fairly feature rich Linux based systems with multiple interfaces like FTP, HTTP, SSH, Telnet etc. In addition they will often come with default/weak passwords, they also often run unsigned code, hackers can then attempt to exploit weaknesses or bugs in those systems in order to gain control of them.

A particle device in its standard state establishes an encrypted link to a known endpoint - the particle cloud. That doesn’t give the attacker much of a target to attack.

3rd party libraries like a TCPServer that might expose alternative vectors could potentially be susceptible to some kind of attack when bombarded with invalid data perhaps, but even if you managed to use such an approach I don’t know how much use such a limited device would be to your botnet.

Hi Viscacha,

My thoughts exactly.

Worth just keeping it on our radars.