Parallel/Failover (websocket?) connection when Particle Cloud down?

We’ve been seeing increasing 500 errors from the Particle server and it’s enough to be impacting our business, so we’re considering an approach where in addition to connecting to the Particle cloud, the photon devices also connect directly to our server. I’ve seen some HTTPS clients pop up, but has anyone made a secure websockets library? Is there another best practice for achieving this kind of redundancy / failover?

Thanks in advance.

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We’ve been seeing increasing 500 errors from the Particle server and it’s enough to be impacting our business

Hey, @machty. I just wanted to follow up on the issue with the elevated error rates. We did have an issue where just under 3% of API requests were getting errors. We believe we’ve fixed the problem and created some processes to make it not happen again and alert us if it does happen again. Sorry that it’s affected you so much. Would you mind checking to see if things look better on your end?



@machty are you still having this problem? I saw on another thread that for others they are able to resume operations normally.

@jtzemp and @KyleG yes the situation has improved since the fixed was deployed; not a single 500 error since.

I’d still be curious to look into a secondary, redundant connection; any straightforward approaches come to mind?

Awesome, sounds good, @machty.

So, I know a workable, general TLS library is in the works, but I’m not sure if it has a specific slot on the roadmap.

I have seen posts on the community about directly connecting to ubidots and another provider (I can’t remember the name right now) using their libraries, but I honestly don’t know if they’re encrypted, or plaintext.

I think it’s always wise to have a backup, IMHO. That being said, the Particle cloud’s device service and API have really good uptime. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a backup for sure, but I’m not aware of a quick and easy way to duplicate what you get on Particle cloud, even for a small subset of things like easy-to-manage Webhooks.