Particle's server reliability since March

My particle devices are now CONSTANTLY going offline/online in a way that they didn’t before. They were never as good at keeping a constant wifi connection as other ESP devices I’ve got, I think because they have to talk to the Particle cloud as WELL as maintain the wifi connection, but I’m not sure.

But since March the situation has been semi ridiculous with how unreliable they’ve become.

For a while I wondered if it might be changes to my wifi environment at home that’s doing it, like maybe my neighbours might be working from home more thus kicking my devices off the network with interference.

But I’ve just noticed from monitoring the event console that very often if a device at WORK goes offline, a device at HOME goes offline at the very same second.

Additionally, if I look at the device last handshakes, often devices at home and at work will have the exact same handshake timeout.

I think something at Particle’s end is causing these reconnects.

However, I’d very much be up for being proved wrong.

Anyone got a similar tale to tell? Or a tale which paints a different picture?

Which device OS and which devices are you using?

There is a ‘regular’ disconnection and reconnection process going on that seems to allow for the online status and diagnostics to be taken.

I’m using Cores and Photons. Device OS 0.7.0 as there’s a bug with the later firmware which prevents me using it with my code. @marekparticle was beginning to look into it in December but I think the whole pandemic situation took over all sorts of loose ends like this! :rofl:

This intentional regular disconnection/connection you speak of - would that stop Particle Pub/Sub from working while it happens?

Hi @daneboomer - I’m more than happy to help you with this.

I will note that we have made significant improvements when it comes to connectivity and Cloud-connection stability on more modern Device OS versions. You can find some information about our best practices when it comes to Device OS version management here:

Please create a support ticket at and we’ll be right with you. In so doing, please provide solid context for the bug you describe. We would also appreciate DeviceIDs and timestamps, which would allow us to dig in deeper and isolate what the behavior looks like in our backend.


I agree. Since the cloud meltdown my Argon Gateway has been unreliable, always losing cloud connection and flashing red on reset.
Only a full CLI reset of firmware has for now stabilised it. Full reset of course meant having to setup a new mesh network of my Xenons.
If this happens in 2021 it will brick every Xenon.
Come on Particle surely something can be done to at least recover lost Xenons mesh networks.