Boron and other Particle devices without cloud

I’m looking to add cellular connectivity to my device, and while I like what I have seen in the Particle cloud, I’m concerned about being locked into it. Should I decide I want or need to, is it possible to use devices like the Boron for just raw internet access, so I can connect to my own servers if I choose to? Ideally I would want to connect to a MQ server like RabbitMQ, but TCP or at least UDP would suffice.


Have you tried searching for an answer to these questions before posting?
You are not the first to raise these questions and hence the chances are very high that you’ll find the answer already (what’s true for one type of Particle device is most likely true for any other - questions about subtle differences may require a specific clarifying question tho’)

Hence I’d like to encourage you to (re)read the forum etiquette thread here (particularly Step 2)


In fact I did. I found some old information relating to devices other than what looks to be current about using what I think is Particle OS code to deploy a private cloud. I found some info using Google about an alternative cloud called ThingsBoard. I did not find any information specifically addressing whether or not I could use a Boron to simply open a connection to whatever IP address I like.

It is possible I ran across this information and didn’t fully understand it, I’m still relatively new to IoT and the related cloud services.

There are raw TCP and UDP clients built into Device-OS which you can always use for a direct connection. While the Particle cloud connection is encrypted, there is no included support for higher-level operations (HTTP, MQ, encryption, etc) in the non-cloud API so you will need to write/port libraries to provide that on top of TCP/UDP as necessary.

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