Real Life Electron issue with a "private APN"

With a “private APN”, once gets limited internet connectivity. This means that a connection is established between the sim card (Electron), the telco operator and the end-user server (configured ip address by the telco).
In this way you get some sort of tunnel between your Electron devices and your server(s). This is great for security purposes!

But it has 1 big disadvantage. You only have access to your server and not to the Particle servers. This creates a problem for over the air updates.

To eliminate this problem, is there a way to have the firmware binary file (user and system firmware) to be send to a device in any way, without installing custom particle server on your own. I would like the Electrons to check my server each hour for example if there is anything hey need to upload and if there is, they get the binary files and update themselves.

Any ideas, suggestions and solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated


It has been a long time since you published,
I am trying to set up my device with a private APN but cant get it connected to the operator´s network!
Could you please share how did you manage to get the private APN working?