3rd-party SIM & Firmware v0.4.8

This is my first post, I am new using Electron and I have a doubt because I used a different SIM and during the activation I was asked for an APN to download a firmware.

Everything worked fine, but I see there are more recent versions of firmwares available for download and install. Now my question is, if I install a newer firmware version, can I have problems with my APN? And therefore connectivity problems?


You can (and should, actually) update to current system firmware (0.6.1). The Tinker program you downloaded during 3rd-party SIM setup doesn’t support the keepAlive function, so it probably won’t work quite right. This should explain the details:



Thanks rickkass7, now my Electron devices is updated to firmware v0.6.1 :smile:. But now I have some issues related with the connectivity to the cloud, maybe because I’m using 3rd-party SIM.

The first attempt to connect always is ok after that I can send the firmware binary via OTA succesfully :slight_smile: But seconds later the same process fails after try and try sometimes works, I dont not why just in LOG I can see “device came online”.

I decided to take the example: WEB-CONNECTED LED to test a little more I just modify a little the code using for my case:

#include “cellular_hal.h”
STARTUP(cellular_credentials_set(“internet.weex.mx”, “”, “”, NULL));

void setup()

Sometimes after POST the API respond:

“ok”: false,
“error”: “Timed out.”

The next picture illustrate the log for my case, I don’t know if is a normal behavior. It would seem to reconnect constantly.

I will appreciate your help.


Where do the 120sec keep alive from?
Try a bit shorter, like 30sec.


Thank you very much ScruffR, now it works perfectly and for almost an hour this is alive :grinning: