Ready for prototype production- Now what?

When its time to start producing my prototypes, is Seeed Studio a good place to start with? It seems to be a one shop stop for product developers.

Does anyone have an idea of cost? My first run I’ll make 5 or so units.

Thanks again

How complicated is your design? Can you hand solder the first 5 units?

Its possible but I prefer not. Getting the components on the board should be easy. But what follows? I would like to know how others took the Core to production.It seems to be a hidden puzzle to me.


You do raise I good point. I too would love to see how others took their projects to production. That being said I think 5 units is fairly far from “production” unless you have a very special client.

If you don’t mind the assembly cost then I’d go with seeed. If you do then I would hand solder the units. 5 is low enough that few places are going to be able/willing to assemble you board (or it’s going to be extremely expensive)