Reading ThingSpeak channel with photon

May i read multiple values ( last 10) from a channel field and store them in Photon?
the line reads only the last one value -

float temperatureInF = ThingSpeak.readFloatField(weatherStationChannelNumber, temperatureFieldNumber);
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The variable itself is already incapable of storing multiple values, so that’s something worthwhile looking into.

yes …

this is not the right data structure to read multiple values
i could not find any soution using the ThingSpeak library for arduino/photon

my question is more general - is there a solution ?

Yes, I believe what you want to do is possible with webhooks, though I haven’t tried it yet. If you go to ThingSpeak Support->Documentation -> reference->Get a Channel Feed you will see the api for doing it. For instance,


gets 2 records (with results=2), you can get up to 8000 according to the docs.