Publish multiple value on ThingSpeak


I set up Particle on my Raspberry Pi ZeroW and I’m able to send Temperature to ThingSpeak with:
sprintf( updateString, “%.2f”, temperatureMean );
Particle.publish( “SendData”, updateString, PRIVATE );

The data arrives on ThingSpeak an I can show the temperature.

Is possible to send more data at the same time? i.e: Temperature, Humidity and Pressure?

Thanks for the help.


Any advice?

No body?

You haven’t responded to the one response you got, so what?
It was rather minimalistic but still.

I’m not using TS but there are several threads here
Have your tried the suggestions there?
In what way are they different to what you tried?

I’m pretty sure if you google around you’ll find a site that takes your credentials and sets up both Thingspeak and the Particle Webhook for you like magic, not that such an approach helps you understand how it all goes together.

A multi value publish string might look like this:

 Particle.publish( "thingSpeakWrite_ALL", "{ \"1\": \"" + String(S1) + "\","+
       "\"2\": \"" + String(S2) + "\"," +
        "\"3\": \"" + String(S3) + "\"," +
         "\"4\": \"" + String(A) + "\"," +
          "\"5\": \"" + String(B) + "\"," +
            "\"6\": \"" + String(SWiFi) + "\"," +
          "\"7\": \"" + Version + "\"," +
           "\"k\": \"MyLovelySecretKey\" }", 60, PRIVATE);

and the webhook mustache mularkey like this

“api_key”: “{{k}}”,
“field1”: “{{1}}”,
“field2”: “{{2}}”,
“field3”: “{{3}}”,
“field4”: “{{4}}”,
“field5”: “{{5}}”,
“field6”: “{{6}}”,
“field7”: “{{7}}”,
“field8”: “{{8}}”,
“lat”: “{{a}}”,
“long”: “{{o}}”,
“elevation”: “{{e}}”,
“status”: “{{s}}”

You can also include the key in the URL instead of publishing it as a parameter, and this webhook was generated by the magic page I mentioned, which is possibly why it includes fields I then ignore.

Formatting is key here, get a bit of that string wrong and nothing will work. You can use a site such as to test your JSON/mustache to check what exactly your publish is being translated to by Particles magic.

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Hi Viscacha,

I follow your example and everything works!
Thanks a lot!