Read serial data via USB port from Atlas Scientific sensor

Hey fellow hackers,
I am trying to determine if, on a Photon, I can read data from the USB port or if I have to use the pins and wiring. I’d like to connect an Atlas Scientific D.O. sensor mounted on their isolated USB carrier board via USB to the Photon, and be able to write some code running on the Photon that can read that data from the USB port.

I know I can do this with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, but can I do this with the Particle Photon, or do I have to wire it up to the I/O pins on the Photon instead of just using USB?

Thanks for educating me, I’m a noob!

I have read Serial Tutorial but it’s not clear if I can only write data to the USB port for debugging rather than using it for reading data from USB.

Nope, that’s not possible - unless you are a big geek that can implement the host mode and a USB CDC host driver.

You can’t compare the Photon with a RPi.

No, but most people using the Atlas sensors are reading the output data from the sensors using I2C which the Photon can communicate with. So you will not need to try to read the data via USB.

If that’s the only sensor you want to use then you may want to get this breakout board>

Search this forum for Atlas Sensor and the Tentacle breakout to see code others have used with these sensors.

Thank you, @ScruffR and @RWB . To summarize: I’ve got to wire it up.

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