Read Current Application

I know you can query the Core/Photon/Electron for lots of info, such as current application name and the variables/functions - can you actually query it for application code? I didn’t see it in any of the API docs but does it exist in some secret API? :grinning:

Since it gets compiled, I doubt that’s doable (someone correct me if I’m wrong). There are various topics/questions to be find regarding the same for an Arduino. Why would you want to read back the application code?

Thanks for the information. The build.particle site is unusable on my mobile so I thought I’d make a basic app which would connect to the device, read the current application, allow me to edit, and reflash. But I guess not… :disappointed:

Setup a pc with the tool chain and remote desktop from your phone to it. Then the computer is doing the heavy lifting.

Just FYI, you aren’t the only one who wished the Build editor worked on a phone. :smile:

I’d love to be able to make just a quick edit and reflash while on-the-run.

Here’s a thought – the LightBlue Bean app integrates with Dropbox. You can toss your code into a special folder in Dropbox, and choose one of those files to flash to your Bean. Maybe we could do that one day?