[Resolved]- How to see the code that is on my Photon

Massive n00b question here sorry…

Yesterday I flashed the example project for the “Control LEDs over the 'net” using the Web IDE, from the examples page;

It worked perfectly, nice!

Today I have installed the Desktop IDE for OSX (which looks to be a customised version of Atom IDE) and connected to my Particle account and can see the Photon device.

How do I see the code that I flashed on it so I can make changes, or do I have to manage this in my file system and then compile/re-flash it each time? Basically I want to know is there a way to see what code is running on your device after you flash it, or would this involve downloading the compiled binary, decompiling it, etc?


After reading around the docs and doing some playing with the desktop IDE, I realise this question is pretty stupid lol!

I’ve been working a lot with Espurino lately so am used to that workflow, which differs quite a bit from the Particle workflow (or any standard workflow involving embedded/microcontrollers and C++).

All good, please ignore!


Glad you were able to figure out you question! The docs and the forums are great places to find information!