Question about SOS panic flash

I saw this topic:

and I have this problem but I don’t understand what is the solution.

I hope someone can help me



@rbbahia, you will need to tell us which particular SOS hard fault you are encountering first. See:

Thank you

I see 1 - Hard fault

to whom I send a message?

You can ask your question in the community (here)

So what code are you running may i ask?

You can post them using this format:

your code here

Do not get to run any code. Was using Saprk cloud, and today could enable the spark location cloud, but when the core tries to connect to the server it is trying once, twice, three times …

The error appear when core try to conect to local cloud

Sorrry after reset ccore the problem back.

I have 2 cores, one works fine but other have this problem.

Update the core with the latest tinker firmware and it should work well

Sorry, I’m starting with spark, how can I make this updade?

another question, whitch is the string to send commands to local cloud core?

If you have spark-cli, place the core in DFU mode and use spark flash --usb tinker

All the questions are asked are pretty basic setup questions and you can look at

I’m happy to answer your questions but it’s just making me do more work :wink: