Putting it altogether

The basic problem I have been having with my first core is piecing it all together. My first project is to simply monitor a switch and get a text when the switch closes. So, I am wondering if I can use the Web IDE (Particle Build) interface to essentially connect with Ubidots. I may need to connect to the core directly with a terminal program (like Json) or use a more powerful program download like the Particle Dev. Putting it altogether has been a puzzling venture. I guess the best first question would be, “Does the core need to be connected to the computer I am using to program/troubleshoot?”


@Sparkticle, the answer is yes and no. To develop and program code over the air, the web IDE is fine. Then, to debug you will need to connect the core via USB to your PC and run a serial terminal program so you can see the Serial.print() lines you use for debugging.

You can also use Particle DEV to leverage the compile cloud but use local files. It also supports programming via USB and debugging via a serial terminal. I hope that helps! :grinning:

I’ve also been using Spark.publish("DEBUG","Debug message goes here"); lines to debug remote code. Perhaps that’ll work. How are you planning on sending texts @Sparkticle?

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I plan on using Ubidots to send texts. The Web IDE does do some troubleshooting via the verify command and even points out error line and column numbers. Sounds like I need to look into the Serial.print() commands to help troubleshoot. I found this code and need to change it to send a digital value to Ubidots, and it has the troubleshooting command that should provide more information as to what the core is actually doing. Next step is to connect to the core via USB…

void loop() {
 temperature=sensor.getTempCByIndex( 0 );
 sprintf(resultstr, "{\"value\":%.4f}",temperature); 
 request.body = resultstr;//Sending presence to Ubidots
 http.post(request, response, headers);
 Serial.println(response.status); //For debug only