Push notifications that open custom URL

Hi All,

This is not really a Particle specific question, but related enough that I thought I’d ask the braintrust here…

I’ve used the push notification service Prowl for some time, to get notifications from a photon to an IOS device, and to then open an app that I’ve built. Worked great.

Recently, after getting a new iPhoneX, the redirection that opened my app no longer works, though the notification still works fine. Emails to Prowl for support go unanswered. I can’t seem to get any redirection to work, either to an app that they support this for, or for a custom URL, which is the way I’ve had it working previously.

So I’m looking for a new notification method that will let me open my app with a tap on the notification on my device.

Does anyone know of another service that has this feature? I thought it was really useful, it sent me a notification, I tapped on it, and it loaded up the app that read the data from the Photon. Marvelous.

All suggestions appreciated.


You should just be able to use any pub/sub system, like microsoft or amazon’s iot hubs which could integrate through the integrations or directly as mqtt, etc. Then your app just subscribes to the appropriate channel, once it gets a message, the app does what you want it to.

So I can use one of those to receive a notification on my phone without my app open, and it will open my app? If so, thats what I’m trying to do.

Do you have any links to that feature?


Both Microsoft and AWS IOT Hubs should some type of push notification to your phones, but it won’t open the app, only push a notification. In order to do what you want, the app has to be open and sit in the background.

Got it. The open the app from a closed condition is what I’m really after. Frustrating that it worked fine previously, but stopped working sometime in the past6 months.