Is it possible to send notification from photon to android/IOS app whe app is killed

My publish event(particle.ppublish) from photon is working well if the app is in foreground and background but when it’s killled i am unable to receive the notification. Can you guide us what changes will be required from photon and/or app side.
How can we use GCM from photon for push notification.


I’m not entirely sure if that something we can best help you with. Things like push notifications are very platform dependant and assistance is perhaps better found on their respective communities.
I know Apple has quite a complicated procedure for getting push notifications to work whereby you have to do some server configurations, certificates and whatnot on their end. At least, that’s what I remember being the reason why I didn’t pursue building that. Could’ve been changed in the mean time.
Android is known to be more open, but I’m guessing you’ll have to do your fair share of extra work as well. At the very least there needs to be some kind of server always listening to your events in order for them to be detected.

How about using a third party service like pushbullet?