Proximity / WiFi / Bluetooth door unlock

Hi All,

I’m looking for some advice on a project I want to undertake around automation of some locks, initially on my garage doors and maybe on the house too.

I currently have an RFID reader on side door along with electric lock and electric door opener on main garage door controlled via Keyfob and want to ideally be able to:

a) Geo-fence my garage, whilst driving home automatically open the garage door when entering my street 100m away from garage (so door is fully open when car arrives)

b) Use mobile app (iOS and Android) to open side door and main door manually

c) Automatically unlock side door when mobile phone is within 2m of door

d) [Later date once tested on garage] Automatically unlock front door when mobile is within 2m of door (front door shortly being replaced and will come with an WinkHaus AV2B lock controlled via keyfob)

Would this be possible/easy/difficult with Proton? What other items would I need to purchase? Has anyone created anything similar?

Any suggestions / thoughts appreciated!


Think about safety a lot before implementing any of the above. I like things to be automated, but not to the point where my house ‘opens’ itself without any interaction, save for being in the mere vicinity.

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I agree, security will be important, especially if I ever get to the automation on the front door. There are many wireless security products on the market today, I’m approaching this project with caution but will take some risks during development.

For the garage, I’m thinking along the lines of the functionality offered by locks… Safety will be more of an issue than security, making sure the door doesn’t auto close when I drive away whilst someone else is cleaning their car / using the garage, so maybe only having a auto-open and manual close (via mobile) for the main garage door.