Provisioning Xenon in Manual Mode via USB


I want to use my Xenons in manual mode as I do not need Cloud connectivity, only mesh connectivity. I understand how to use manual mode OK. Can I thus also avoid provisioning through the App, and do it via USB? On:

it says " * w: Set up your Wi-Fi SSID and password"

is this really correct for Xenon??? Is there a way to pass the Mesh credentials over USB?



It may be worth using the CLI:

particle device add

to claim the device.


particle mesh add

to “add a device to the current network of an assisting device”.

Reference here - note; haven’t tried this myself.

Claiming the device would require the device to be cloud connected.

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Ha… but of course.

Is the only way to claim, in that case, via the App?

Not necessarily.

You shouldn’t confuse claiming a device to an account (which resides in the cloud and hence requires a cloud connection) and adding a device to a mesh network.
Also setting up a new network and adding a device to an existing network are two things.

I’m not entirely sure (and haven’t tested) whether extending a mesh network requires a cloud connection - if a connection exists, the node count and the “inventory” is maintained in the cloud (in parts to keep track of the size of the mesh for the micro network pricing threshold). Hence it might be compulsory.
I’m also not entirely sure whether devices of another account (and for that also unclaimed ones) would be allowed on the network of a particular gateway.

However, the way to create and extend a mesh network via USB would go via the
particle mesh commands

Manage mesh networks
Usage: particle mesh <command>
Help:  particle help mesh <command>

  create  Create a new network
  add     Add a device to a network
  remove  Remove a device from its network
  list    List all networks and their member devices
  info    Get information about the current device's network
  scan    Scan for networks