Proper way to secure the battery on an Asset Tracker kit V2?

Hi guys,

what is the correct way to secure the battery on an Asset Tracker v2?

  • Do I buy longer screws and install it under the board (between the board and the enclosure)?
  • Do I stick it/glue it to the side of the enclosure with the provided double sided 3M tape bits?

What do you guys usually do to mitigate the fear of it jumping around in the enclosure when installed on a moving asset?
I’d like to avoid as much as possible the battery landing on top of the GPS antenna and messing up the reception :eyes:
Thank you,

You could fasten (glue) two rails to the the inside of the cover allowing you to slide the battery into the channel. The battery’s cover should be compliant enough to be able to create a decent push-fit. The battery leads should be long enough to allow you to open the case without disconnecting the battery.

Bias the rails to the left of your photo to keep the battery from shielding the GPS antenna, that should allow you to slide it in and out from the right side as well.

it may look kludgy if you are not careful with the epoxy. :frowning:

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