Projects tagged to specific cores / Prevent accidental flashing of cores


I’d like to make a suggestion for the web interface. I would like to see a way to tag/link code/projects to a specific core. To many times have a flashed different projects code to the wrong core.

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I’ve done that more times than I’d care to admit! I’m going to add this to the notes for the next sprint planning session.


Done it many times myself… and then i sit there going why isn’t it flashing magenta it said ok… then i go look at my doorbell flashing and then i have to flash that again and the do the one i was trying to flash again…

Is there a solution to this yet. I have just deployed my first embedded product installed into a commercial situation on the other side of London. I don’t want to be flashed it by mistake - only when I really, really mean to.

As an intermediary solution, you could create a new account for the “safe” application. That way, only that account can flash to those devices.

I believe in the longer term the Dashboard when used with distinct Product IDs will take care of this. The awesome @jeiden is working on this, he’ll surely have more info.

@goingalong Your timing is impeccable :smile:. We’re actually working very intensely on features for organizations on the dashboard. Soon, you’ll be able to create an organization with a product, and assign devices to identify as that product.

Currently, we’re building out the firmware section of the organization’s dashboard. This is a place where you’ll be able to upload and manage firmware binaries for your product, and “release” them to devices that belong to that product.

If you are really in need of this functionality ASAP, please request an organization by clicking on the “+ New Organization” button on your dashboard, or email me directly at We’ll likely be looking for alpha users for these features over the next few weeks. Hopefully this should make your life a lot easier. Does that help?


In my case I am likely to have 10-15 out in the market inside the next 6-8 months. The second unit is being built up now. All are the same product but differing configuration and data, that’s half the point of this system choice. So I will need to be able to protect each from inadvertent change and also (ideally) be able to ensure I don’t flash one with an update intended for the other. Associated with this it would be nice to be able to read from the deployed core exactly what download it contains.

Hi @goingalong,
Without being a wiseguy I would like to suggest that you implement a method to load local, and unique data through a connection to a server.
Imagine you roll out 100 devices and need a software update.

I tend to agree with what @marcus is saying. It feels like you should try and separate out the common firmware across all devices from the variable code that makes each device unique (if possible). That way, you can use Particle to manage the shared firmware for all the devices, but use your own server to pull in the unique data based on the device’s ID.

In future, we will have resources that you can deploy to a device as well as firmware so this could be managed in that way. This is a long way off though, just sketching that out here so you can see our heading!

Don’t know what is happening here but I am pretty sure my replies are getting lost somewhere.

It just is not practical to separate out the functionality at this time because each needs different functionality. Maybe later when the product idea settles down and I have 50 or so in the field and the funding in place to bring in the extra specialists that would be needed to tackle the problem. Right now all I can do is concentrate on the overall product and sell, sell. Getting to grips with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Node.js or what ever it takes (and there is no roadmap to help) is just too much.

The solution put forward by Moors7 is the most practical right now - providing I can transfer the device to a new account without having to make a 50 mile round trip.

Device transfership can be done using the Web IDE as long as the device is online and both parties accessing the email account they are intending to transfer from and to. :wink: