Cloud builder - locking code to 1 device

Is there a way within the cloud builder ( to lock an app to a certain Core/Photon? I’ve got a bunch of devices each with different code and I flip back and forth between them making updates. Lately I’ve been getting paranoid that I’m going to flash the wrong code to the wrong device.

Alternatively perhaps a warning if I flash an app that is different from the last time I flashed to that device? Or a flash confirmation that shows the device I’m about to flash on. Basically anything that helps prevent/warn me from flashing an app to the wrong device; yet doesn’t burden everyone else that doesn’t have this problem :wink:

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@suda, something for you perhaps?

Unfortunately we don’t have such option. In this case you can try using Particle Dev which allows you to have multiple windows with different devices set as default for each.

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