Project completion deadline

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My website database/user interface will be finished sooner than expected, unfortunately this is only the user side and I have not been able to sit down for long and finish my side of things to run on particle hardware. I’m looking for some in depth help or possibly pay someone to add the necessary parts to my code by the middle of June (this deadline is flexible, but by myself and with the limited knowledge I have would take a couple of months).

I’m looking to add sd card writing from a cloud interface to my current project. The process would be to write user name and credentials to the sd card, then when a card is swiped, check that card number against the sd card. If it matches one, then pull a pin high, otherwise do nothing. I need this to only verify credentials while offline, but while online I also need it to publish the name, credential, time, and device id.

Thanks in advance for looking and for any help.


I guess that’s an RFID card, right?
How many users do you expect to have stored on your SD card?
How do you intend to prevent anybody from tampering with the SD credentials?


It’s a form of RFID, wiegand.
Depending on limitations of the hardware, thousands of users and credentials.
Do you mean physically messing with the SD card?
Our board is in a sealed box and should only be accessible by the installing dealer, if installed correctly.


If you have the RFID code working and can receive the Weigand string, then something I have used in the past should work well for you. Take a look at this Arduino library EDB - its simple and is easy to work with plus the include examples have some for an SD card that you can adapt fairly easily. (You will have to copy the library .cpp and .h into your app as it is not in the Particle library). I would use a cloud function to update the SD card (Add or delete a record as needed) from a web/db interface.

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