Problems connecting 74HC595

i have a problem in eagle that i cannot fix. I am using two 74HC595’s connecting two of these together.

I’m am designing my board in Cadsoft Eagle which can be tedious. I have connected Two of 74HC595’s , but there are two errors that i cannot get rid of. It says Pin 13 Output/Enable is “Error only input” I have connected both pins to the corresponding output enable pin on the other chip. this is then connected to, two motor drivers and a photon.

My friend who is helping me says that eagle is wrong, and the connection is fine. I am just trying to be sure that we are not connecting the wrong pins together. Anyone know how to fix this? Is this just a noob error or a Bug?

furthermore i keep getting asked if i used the net tool I DID. can anyone help me please ? I have more questions.