Problem sending .ino application to spark


I have a .ino file and am trying to send it to the spark using cloud location, the documentation says that the command is:

spark flash my_core_name blinky.ino

I receive this message:

attempting to flash firmware to your core 54ff6d0639284734481471267
flash core said  {"ok":false,"errors":["Not yet implemented"]}

What is the problem?

Hi @rbbahia

Are you trying to do this with the local cloud or the Spark cloud?

With the Spark cloud this works for sure and we can debug but I think you are trying with the local cloud and the error message is correct.

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I am trying to using local cloud. What is the procedure to send the application to spark by the local cloud?

You can compile your program to a bin file with Spark cloud (there is a download link that looks like a cloud with a arrow coming down out of it) or any other method you like.

Once you have the bin file, I know you can flash it over USB for sure, but I am not sure if the local cloud supports over-the-air flashing of a precompiled bin file.

Perhaps @kennethlimcp could comment.

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This is what i usually do:

1.) spark config spark #connects to the spark cloud

2.) spark compile xxxx.ino #compile and get a binary

3.) spark config PROFILE_NAME #switch over to local :cloud: profile

4.) spark flash CORE_NAME xxxxx.bin #flash the binary file



Thank you. Now works fine.