Privacy - Compile service - Source code saved?

I have not find any information about how the source code of my program saved/stored.
I use Particle Dev and my files stored on my PC, but for compile the source code is sent to Particle’s cloud according to docs.
My questions is that how is this source code handled/saved/stored by Particle?

For Particle Dev and Particle CLI compiles the source code is necessarily uploaded for the compile, but it is not saved beyond that. The resulting binary is saved, then the compile instance restored back to its default state so the source code no longer exists on Particle servers.

Of course when using the Web IDE the source code is saved (in a database).

Using the local gcc-arm toolchain allows you to keep all of your source code local to your computer.

Is the cloud implementation of the compile process open source so the community can publicly validate these claims?

No, the compile service and the cloud-side servers are not open source.

The device firmware is open source, along with the wire protocols and most hardware designs.

Well then, I guess we just have to “trust” you guys then… smh

In the five years I’ve known these guys, that’s never been an issue. If you don’t like the online tools (which are free to use), you can always roll your own:

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I’m sure it hasn’t. However, you wouldn’t know if it ever was and will never know if it does become an issue since you can’t truly verify what’s going on with your source…